Surfing : several great breaks in the area. From gnarly, tubing, board-breaking barrels, to smoothe, slow, fun longboard or beginner waves there is something  for everyone’s  taste.

We rent surfboards ( 10 USD a day ) and provide surf lessons ( 15 USD per person ). We surf ourselves and know the area, the local conditions and people well. We will always be glad to help you catch that wave you’ve been waiting for and can also organize boat trips to point breaks in the area and transport to the beach if necessary.




Horseriding :  we can organize group excursions of up to 12 people  with a local guide or guides. These guys are fun, friendly and know their horses and  the
area perfectly. A three hour ride with a couple of breaks to refresh yourself  is 15 USD per person.




FishingFishing :   we  have a great friendship with the local fishermen who would love to take you out on their boat  for a simple and pleasant  trip. This is how we fish, sometimes we have come home with nothing more than sharing a great moment with good people but we have also brought back enough fish to feed ten people for several days !!! Come and try your luck…




Petanque: We are very proud to have one of the finest petanque pitches in central America. Our project was born several years ago playing petanque in Paris, sometimes until dawn. It was therefore essential that one of the first achievements here was the completion of our dream petanque pitch, the one we imagined we may one day play on and own ourselves. Petanque is reminiscent of bacci ball ( but better ! ), easy to play at any age and loads of fun. We have all the equipment to play the game free of charge, and the passion to share it with you. If you beat us on our own pitch… you are getting free cocktails !!!


Nothing:  Tired ? Stressed ? Do you need to empty any modern-world worries you may have from your mind? Relax, breathe, read a good book in a hammock, swim in the pool, get a nice tan, eat French food, do whatever you feel like and let us take care of you.

Travelling tips : we have great friends in the area of the occidente; from leon to mechapa there is someone we know who can make sure you have a great time. We also have contacts and tips concerning the rest of Nicaragua that should help you plan and enjoy your ongoing trip


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